Let’s Team Up To Clean Up, Together for Kilkenny 


Let’s Team Up to Clean Up, Together for Kilkenny is a day of collective environmental action, a powerful collaboration between the Council, community, sporting groups, businesses and schools resulting in an estimate collection of 50 tonnes of litter.

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 Let’s Team Up to Clean Up,

Together for Kilkenny 

This initiative provides communities an opportunity to complete an environmental action for the benefit of their local area. The first litter picking event took place in Kilkenny City in October 2022, the second event, was held in March 2023, encompassing a weekend of activities.  Over 24 tonnes of litter was collected with over 200 groups registered involving over 5000 volunteers throughout the weekend. “Team Up to Clean Up-Together for Kilkenny”  is open to community groups, schools, workplaces and sport clubs from all over the county within speed zones of 60km/ph or less. Friday 20th of September; schools and workplaces litter pick. Saturday/Sunday 21st and 22nd registered community groups are welcome to participate anytime over the weekend.

About Us

About Let’s Team Up to Clean Up, Together for Kilkenny

Meet the dynamic team behind Kilkenny’s most ambitious clean-up initiative! In 2022/23, the former Chief Executive of Kilkenny County Council sparked the ‘Let’s Team Up to Clean Up, Together for Kilkenny’ movement, rallying private sponsors and public support. Now, the new Chief Executive Lar Power is taking the reins, building on its momentum. With financial backing from five corporate heavy-hitters – PANDA, Dawn Meats, TírLán/Glanbia, The John O’Shea Trust, and PRL – this 3-year initiative is transforming Kilkenny’s streets and green spaces. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and community spirit – and it wouldn’t be possible without these dedicated leaders!”

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Learn about the Health & Safety Measures that will be taken on the days of our litter picking events.

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Thank You To Our Partners


Kilkenny County Council wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the corporate sponsors who share the vision of the Chief Executive to establish an environmental day of action allowing communities to come together and participate in the largest litter picking event ever witnessed in the county which is anticipated to grow over the next three years.

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• Fosters a pride of place
• Fosters a sense of community
• Builds confidence & self-esteem
• Is good for your mind and body
• Gives back to community

Let’s team up to clean up, together for Kilkenny


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